Tips for a Healthy Summer IV – How to Beat Boredom

June 7, 2012

Now that the kids are out of school and have many more hours to fill each day, you may start to hear “I’m bored!” once in a while. So what’s the best way to fill those wide open summer afternoons? Here are some suggestions for fun and healthy activities for your family.

1. Try a new sport! Summer is full of opportunities to play soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball — informally or in organized teams and leagues in your town. Or, at home, try roller skating, bike riding or jumping rope.  And, course, swimming! (Just remember those water safety tips.)

2.  Go to the library.  Pick out books that interest your children, even if they’re not on the required reading lists for school.  Keeping their brains active is just as important as their bodies!

3.  Socialize at camp.  There are tons of summer camp options to choose from, including overnight camps, day camps, sports camps, arts camps — you  name it! Older children and teens can become counselors or counselors-in-training.

4.  Most of all — enjoy your time together as a family! Get out on your bikes, go to carnivals, eat ice cream, go for a picnic, take a walk around your town. Or maybe it’s a great year to throw all the kids in the car and go off on a family vacation.  Before you know it, fall will be here again!

What do you and your family do during the summer to beat boredom? Leave your ideas below!

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Tips for a Healthy Summer II – Water Safety

June 5, 2012

Continuing our week-long series on tips for a healthy summer, today we turn our attention to water safety.  We’re lucky to live in the Rochester area, which–between Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes and all of the smaller lakes, ponds and backyard pools–has tons of places to cool off during the summer heat.  But, an afternoon at the beach, lake or pool and quickly turn dangerous if you’re not careful.

The Scary Statistics

  • Each day, two children in the U.S. die from accidental drowning.
  • Children ages 1 – 4 are most at risk; drowning claims more lives each year in this age group than almost any other cause.

(courtesy of the CDC’s website)

What You Can Do

So what can you do to keep your family safe while swimming this summer? Make water safety a top priority. In addition to these great tips from the CDC, here are a few other things to remember:

  1. All permanent pools must be fenced in.
  2. Never — I repeat, NEVER — leave your children unattended near the water — no matter how old they are!
  3. Water wings/floaties are not a substitute for a lifejacket when in the water or in a boat.
  4. Lifeguarding makes a great summer job for your teenager.  Sign him or her up for local classes, which are frequently offered through schools or the YMCA.


Up tomorrow: Bug bites, bee stings and rashes–oh my!

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