Tips for a Healthy Summer IV – How to Beat Boredom

June 7, 2012

Now that the kids are out of school and have many more hours to fill each day, you may start to hear “I’m bored!” once in a while. So what’s the best way to fill those wide open summer afternoons? Here are some suggestions for fun and healthy activities for your family.

1. Try a new sport! Summer is full of opportunities to play soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball — informally or in organized teams and leagues in your town. Or, at home, try roller skating, bike riding or jumping rope.  And, course, swimming! (Just remember those water safety tips.)

2.  Go to the library.  Pick out books that interest your children, even if they’re not on the required reading lists for school.  Keeping their brains active is just as important as their bodies!

3.  Socialize at camp.  There are tons of summer camp options to choose from, including overnight camps, day camps, sports camps, arts camps — you  name it! Older children and teens can become counselors or counselors-in-training.

4.  Most of all — enjoy your time together as a family! Get out on your bikes, go to carnivals, eat ice cream, go for a picnic, take a walk around your town. Or maybe it’s a great year to throw all the kids in the car and go off on a family vacation.  Before you know it, fall will be here again!

What do you and your family do during the summer to beat boredom? Leave your ideas below!

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Valentine’s Tips for a Happy Family

February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bright Steps! We traditionally think of Valentine’s Day as a time to show appreciation for our significant others and spouses. But when love is in the air on February 14th, why not share some of it with our children?  Rather than flowers, chocolates and gifts, there are some simple ways to show your children you love them – while improving their physical and mental well-being.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers 14 Ways to Show Love for Your Child today (and every day!), and here are some of our favorites.

Be a Model of Good Behavior

Always try to remember to use positive language when talking to your children.  They generally don’t understand sarcasm and innuendo the way that adults do.  Also try to practice your please & thank you’s — if you show good manners, it increases the chances of them rubbing off on your children!

Listen, Listen, Listen

Busy is the name of the game for most families day in and day out.  It’s important that you acknowledge your child’s needs, even if you are busy or distracted.  Try to spend at least 30 minutes each day of dedicated time with your child.

Nurture Your Child’s Inner Creative Genius

Encourage time away from technology.  Limit screen time (including cell phones and computers) as much as possible.  Read with your child — even through teenage years! Find books that interest them, and let them try a wide variety of hobbies and activities.  You may have a budding Beethoven or a promising Picasso on your hands!

Get (and keep) Your Children Active

It’s hard during the winter months, but resist the temptation to be inactive or sedentary.  Take a family walk or play outside in the snow.  Or play indoor games — when was the last time you played Twister or charades?

And finally, hug your children and tell them you love them every day!

No explanation needed.

Bonus V-Day Tip

February is also American Heart Month — try a heart-shaped low-fat grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with tomato soup for a healthy Valentine’s Day lunch!

New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Family (Part One)

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

The start of a new year is a great time to re-evaluate your family’s commitment to health and to set some healthy (and attainable!) goals for the months ahead.  So, today and tomorrow we’re offering up some simple resolutions for the whole family — ones that will ensure a healthier, safer 2012 for everyone!

First up…nutrition and fitness.


  1. Eat meals as a family.  Starting as young as nine months, children can participate with the family at meal times.  And be sure to make a habit of turning off the TV and instead talking with your family during meals.
  2. Add more fruits and vegetables to everyone’s diets. Snacks like celery with peanut butter or apple slices with cinnamon can help increase your family’s intake of these essential food groups!
  3. Drink water or milk with meals.  Limit juices and soda to special occasions to curtail unnecessary sugar intake.
  4. Eat breakfast! It really is the most important meal of the day.

Get Moving!

  1. Get outside with the family! When the weather outside is downright frightful this winter, you can play in the snow, go ice skating or sledding.
  2. Encourage activities inside.  Try jumping rope or doing push-ups during commercials to get everyone’s blood pumping.

What are your nutrition and fitness-related goals for your family this year?

Stay tuned for part two of our 2012 family resolutions tomorrow!

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