Back-to-School Sleep Clocks

August 25, 2014




The countdown to the start of another school year has begun!  How do you get your youngster adjusted to the new sleep schedule?  Especially your teenager??

Getting back into the school routine is tough!

  1. Do not wait until the night before school starts to adjust their bed time.  Start today!  It takes a good week to switch their internal clock, like jet-lag.  Start by pushing bedtime 10-15 minutes earlier each night, until your goal time is met.
  2. How much sleep do they need?  Preschool age children need 11-13 hours of sleep each night. Elementary-school age children need a bit less, 10-11 hours of sleep each night.  “Tweens” need about 10 hours of sleep and teens need at least 9 hours.
  3. Start winding down ~30 minutes before bed, no “screens”- no TV, computer, phone, iPad.  It’s a good time to read, brush teeth, and take a bath.
  4. Avoid caffeine after lunch.
  5. Keep their rooms dark for sleeping.  Open those blinds in the morning- the light will help with waking up.
  6. Eat a healthy dinner and limit sugary snacks before bed.
  7. If your child is having trouble waking in the morning after a few weeks of school or falling asleep in school, he or she may need more sleep.


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